Humorous Motivational Speaker Reduces Stress for Meeting Participants!

Humor is an important and effective means of opening doors and enhancing personal and professional relationships. In addition, these presentations can also provide them with the essential skills to make memorable and engaging presentations, an invaluable talent in the corporate world. Humorous motivational speakers speaking to meeting attendees can benefit individuals and organizations by incorporating humor into their stressful work lives. The use of humor in the workplace, not only creates a better environment, but actually improves the performance of your organization. A business meeting is a high-stress situation, where participants, most often strangers to each other, must work together under great pressure to achieve certain goals.

Laughter is the best medicine – the truth of this ancient wisdom has now been confirmed by modern scientific research. A large number of scientific studies have proven the benefits of laughter for the human body and mind. Laughter not only reduces stress and promotes relaxation; it relieves muscle tension and psychological stress and thus stimulates the brain to enhance learning by keeping the brain alert and enabling people to retain more information. Furthermore, laughter is the best social glue known to man – humor holds us together, especially when we laugh together.

A corporate meeting is a high-stress situation, where strangers must work together to achieve high goals and excel, not only as individuals, but more so as a team. Humorous motivational speakers not only contribute to social bonding and team spirit, but also motivate them to work together towards a common goal.

The reduction in interpersonal stress and tension produced by shared humor and laughter improves the overall quality of the work environment, encourages meeting participants to think in alternative and creative ways of problem solving and thereby motivates them to achieve greater goals, both individually and as an organization. .

Motivating humorous speakers are not only entertainers who create a fun and friendly environment for meeting participants, but by providing such an environment at these meetings, they contribute significantly to their success by motivating attendees to bring out the best in each of them, so that contribute substantially to achieving organizational goals.

Using Sense of Humor to Attract Women

When on a date women love to laugh and enjoy a man with a good sense of humor. By all means if you know some good jokes, share them with your date. It will make a real good impression on them and they will think of you as a guy that’s a lot of fun to be around.

I must warn you though, if you don’t know the woman very well I would stay away from offensive jokes. She might be offended and could even cause her not to want another date with you. So, in my opinion you are better off telling clean jokes and not too suggestive.

What if you don’t know any good jokes? That’s no problem. Go to your local book store or fun shop and they will have some good joke books. Another idea is to find jokes on the internet. Just simply do a search with your favorite search engine. You will find tons of good jokes that way. Then, you can practice these jokes on your friends before you try them out on your dates.

P.S. Please whatever you do, don’t tell bad jokes. You need to make her laugh and if you tell crummy jokes you may bore her to death. Also, some Men’s publications have a section featuring some good jokes. And if you go to comedy clubs try and remember some good jokes that the comedians tell. If the audience is dying laughing, then it’s a good bet that when you tell the same joke to your date, she will think you’re funny and admire your sense of humor.

Using Sense of Humor to Make You Stronger

One of the most important traits that someone needs in order to maximize their emotional balance and strengthen their inner worth is a sense of humor. Not only does a sense of humor help someone put things into perspective, but the act of being able to, and actually, laughing at oneself almost invariably is a strengthening one. Harriet Ward Beecher wrote, “A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It’s jolted by every pebble in the road.” Bob Newhart approached this subject by stating, “Laughter gives us distance. It allows us to step back from an e, deal with it and then move on.” Numerous studies indicate that those having a sense of humor exhibit much more positive attitudes, experience far less extremes of ups and downs, suffer far less from depression, and are overall far better balanced emotionally. These studies also indicate that humor helps one handle adversity better, and encourages persistence and permits one to persevere. It is generally acknowledged that individuals who persevere have a far better opportunity to succeed because they don’t give up.

1. When one has a sense of humor, it gives him in a positive, fun loving, enjoying life, perspective. While those who take things seriously all the time are often overly intense, those with a sense of humor can often snap out of the doldrums of everyday life, and laughing often helps one see some positive in even the dreariest of circumstances. A paramount essential for successful people is their self- value, and without that sense of self worth, it is nearly impossible to be a success. It is a fact that most people are attracted to individuals who are uplifting (and entertaining), and someone who is able to laugh at himself, at circumstances, and at life, in general, is almost unilaterally more attractive for that and other reasons.

2. Inner strength is essential both to emotional balance, as well as to enjoying life. We have all heard on countless occasions how much less effort is needed to smile than to frown, but that only applies if the smile is a genuine one. Think of people you know personally, or do business with, or hold leadership positions, and simply remember how those who exhibit a genuine sense of humor are generally more appealing. When we laugh, we see far fewer problems, but see challenges and humor where others see problems. Laughter puts us in a better mood, and generally makes us feel better.

Why are comedians so popular? Why do so many people enjoy comedy shows, comedians, situation comedies on television, etc.? Simply stated, because it makes them laugh. The laughter helps them enjoy themselves and to relax. Life’s realities often has its stresses, and laughter and a sense of humor helps us handle those interruptions in a far better manner.

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Use Your Sense Of Humor Appropriately

Everybody loves to be in the company of a funny person. Individuals that still have a sense of humor in any situation always are welcome by other people. Nobody likes to be around people that are always complaining about everything. People logically group around optimistic motivators. It doesn’t mater how you are, but if you have a good sense of humor; people sooner or later will come to you and will like to be part of your company.

Let’s see how a good sense of humor will help you:

First of all a good joke is a great way to introduce yourself to other people. Make a joke in the beginning of a conversation in many situations to break a cold wall between people. In my opinion, it is much better than to just say, “It’s a nice day today, isn’t it?”
Of course, in a lot of self improvement books you can read that starting conversations by talking about the weather is considered a good start. A good joke will not only introduce yourself in a nice way but also it will give to people positive impressions about yourself.

Sense of humor can help you get away from confusing situations. If you have a lot of work that need to be complete in short time, the sense of humor will help you get through without much stress. If you’re involve in a group project, the sense of humor will help to keep your team in a good mood and inspire you team mates to do a better job.

Be grateful, for the absurd is often what makes a hard position easier. If you can show a sense of humor in any situation, and if it necessary about yourself, the people that are working with you will follow you. As a result, the job is done in a more constructive and joyful way, which will make your boss happy and teach him that you are performing a better job that way.

One thing that you have to remember is that a sense of humor does not always works for any situation. There is a good time to make a joke and there is a bad time for a joke. For example: the funeral is definitely the bad place to make jokes. There are a lot of other situations when any joke is unethical. Don’t make people laugh at the time that they not suppose to. The proper time is the key.

Another thing that you have to consider is what you say. Some jokes can be very hurtful. As some people are laughing at your joke, there might be someone who won’t like it and won’t appreciate it at all.

You must be sensitive and say your jokes according to the nature of the people you are talking to. The bad joke can be very painful to some people and build the barrier between you and them. It can break some good relationships and the standard phrase like “hey, I was just kidding” might not fix the situation.

So how can you be sure that your joke is an appropriate joke, and won’t hurt anybody? If it is a very sensitive situation; try to sense the atmosphere around people that your joke created. If you feel that your joke succeeds, than continue, if not than stop immediately. But if you need to make a joke, aim it to yourself first, so nobody gets hurt. Also, you can make jokes about general situations, so you won’t hurt anybody.

A good sense of humor needs a big amount of forethought and timing on your side. One more, there is a time for everything. If you feel that your sense of humor is something that people around you will benefit from, then go for it. We all deserve a good laugh, after all.

Developing Your Child’s Sense of Humor

A sense of humor is such an important part of being a human. If we don’t laugh we can hardly live. Someone once said that man is the social animal. I think that man is the animal that laughs. Laughter is what redeems the darkest days and helps make the bright ones just a little bit brighter. It is the icing on the cake of life. We know that people who tend to laugh are healthier and mentally happier. They can look at the problems of life and get through them because they don’t seem as daunting. This doesn’t mean that laughter is the cure for everything, but it sure can help when things are not going so well. These tried and trusted truths help to show why it is important for all of us, and particularly children, to have a good sense of humor. Children are our future, and while this seems a cliche, it is true. We need children and they need us. The world needs them. But not all children have a great sense of humor. We love most children partly because they are silly and seem to be full of life. You want to develop that sense of humor in your child, both for their well being and yours. How can you develop the sense of humor in your child? It surely isn’t much like training a dog to sit. While this is true, here are a few hints that could help you get your child to laugh more.

1. While we all want our children to laugh and to laugh a lot, consider that not all people laugh as much as others. Some people simply are not hard wired to giggle or guffaw in the way that others do. They might be a bit more sad or introverted. This is just fine. Remember that it takes all kinds to make a world. Don’t try to force a naturally quiet child to laugh all the time. It will probably only make them resent you. However, even a quiet and introverted child wants to laugh and needs to laugh. The key is to achieve a balance. Find the things that make your child laugh and surround your child with these things. If it is a TV show, purchase the DVD. If it is physical humor, show them movies with physical humor. There are all sorts of possibilities.

2. Make sure that your child is not scared or feeling unsafe. A child that feels threatened will not laugh. If you can give your child a safe and comfortable environment they will be far more likely to develop their sense of humor. Although we cannot ensure that our children will not have bad experiences, we do know that we can do a lot to help them stay safe in their early years.

3. Finally, make sure that your child has friends with a similar sense of humor. If you think back to your childhood, you probably laughed the most when you were with a group of silly friends. Watching movies together or singing songs was one of my favorite activities. A child’s sense of humor will develop with the sense of humor of their friends. If your child is not laughing much, consider introducing them to a few more kids.

Remember that a child is a person and deserves to be treated like one. If they don’t want to laugh then they don’t want to. You cannot force them, but if you truly desire their happiness you can help them laugh a bit more.